Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Living on Your Own as a College Student

Hi all! In this vlog I discuss a couple aspects that have surprised me while I've been living in an apartment over the summer. As my time in the apartment comes to a close (school starts in two weeks!!), I realize this summer has been an incredibly positive experience.

This was my first apartment. I shared it with a friend and her friend also rented a room. The location was above a restaurant and literally a step off of campus and a hop to the train station. Location-wise, it couldn't have been better.

First day - lots of cleaning ahead!
The price of rent was very good, especially since I had the smallest room. As you can tell, it was by no means uncomfortable.

The biggest hassle was by far grocery shopping and laundry. Our building did not have laundry facilities, so we had to drag our dirty clothes to campus and hope that someone would be there to open the door. Grocery shopping was often a pain because the buses were always 20-40 minutes late and once never showed up at all!

Our landlord was overall very helpful and her husband was kind and prompt when we had issues with the toilet and sinks. That said, this apartment is cheap and came with mice poo and cockroaches. Yipes!

The Evidence 
Issues aside, living on my own surrounded by friends far outweighed the negatives. I grew up a lot over this summer from learning how to be independent and leaving my comfort zone. Now I don't want to go back home! (More on this later...)

I'll always have fond memories of my first apartment and hope that the next tenants enjoy it as much as I did. 


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