Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Photo Booth Diaries

First photo on my new Macbook Pro, a few weeks before graduating high school!

Hipster Olive is Hipster.

Guess who has two thumbs and a driver's license...?

At the Wuksachi Lodge in Sequoia National Forest with my brother. Our last family vacation before I left for college.

A week or so after I moved into college, eating left over seaweed salad from lunch with my local family.

This class took over my life. 

Magic chemistry! Those are cherry tomatoes in graduated cylinders.

My freshman dorm room.

My favorite treat from the on-campus convenience store... mochi!

My feature in the school newspaper!

After apple picking with friends!

Owl hat my mom sent me for halloween.

Home for Thanksgiving with my brother and little cousin!

My cousin discovered photobooth...
My friend studying and snuggling her penguin, Sweets.

My clan symbols.

Decorated mug and free pinkberry in the student center. 

Me kissing Sweets!

Sunrise in the lounge.

Spring break at home! I made coconut macaroons.

In my summer apartment, drinking a smoothie.

California antics with my brother.

My favorite breakfast in the apartment.

Attempting to make mochi.

Illustrating Simon and Garfunkel lyrics.

Listening to simon and garfunkel. 

Back home after a summer in Boston, reunited with my vampire domo.

First night back in Boston. Resting up before moving in!

My bio lab partner and I mutating crystallin!

Studying for Japanese exam.

Package of candies from Finland! See my taste video here!

Autumn trees through the Mandel Center window.

Texting my way through Hurricane Sandy. 

Sunday, October 21, 2012

South Boston Abandoned Pier

Yesterday a friend and I went exploring in South Boston's piers to take photos of the city and abandoned buildings. The weather was perfect and gentle. We wandered by the Institute of Contemporary Art and into an abandoned dock. There was no one around and the dock was eerily abandoned. The only motion was the flutter of seagulls above and the ripple of the water below.

Two abandoned buildings rested by the docking area.  The ground around them was punctured with gaping holes. Someone (or someones) had been here before and left graffiti on the walls and smashed the sinks and toilets of a once-public restroom.


Thursday, October 11, 2012

Another year, another birthday...

This year, when people wish me happy birthday, they ask me what it feels like to no longer be an adult. I feel no different. My body is young and healthy, my mind is clear, and I still feel the same youthful exuberance that I've felt since my later teen years.

Right now, age is just a number. I have friends who are older and younger than me and in my eyes they are the same. Though I view the world through shades painted during my life experience, I often still manage to view people as people, as equals with equal potential.

 This year some friends and I went to Honey Pot Apple Orchard to celebrate my birthday.

We found a beautiful spot in the orchard and took many photos together. 

It is experiences like these -- exploring and living in the moment with people you love -- that will be what I remember from my college years. 

 Later that evening we ate frozen yogurt and ice cream.

To my friends: You are all so important in my life and you have taught me volumes of what it means to be constant through highs and lows. Thank you for all the joy you bring to my life and I look forward to the next few years together...