Sunday, September 18, 2011


Hey high schoolers and fellow college friends!

The blog is live once more!  And I have a special announcement to make....

Over the summer I worked on creating a new "How to Apply to College Series" - this time more exciting and accessible by the general public. All the videos I have made so far are live!

(Be sure to watch on the youtube page, otherwise the annotations, which are key to experiencing the full power of this choose you own adventure series, will not appear.)

The videos are in the format of a "choose your own adventure" series. At the end of each video, I will give you a list of options and you click on the one you want to take. This way you can easily choose which videos you want to watch based on your own interests and needs.

A word of warning: not all videos are complete. I will try to complete them as soon as possible, but college life is rather busy (more about that soon!).

Please enjoy what I have posted in the meantime and if you like it, share with your friends!