Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Advising Fellow, Choosing Classes

More updates!

On July 1st, my fellow (an older student who advises younger students) emailed me to introduce himself! He is going into business, which is perfect because I'm considering going to business school after college. I peppered him with questions about registering for classes, languages, and best places to study.

The past few days (mostly today, though) I have been corresponding with various professors and academic advisors. Choosing classes is daunting, but I finally decided to stick with my cognitive science/philosophy bent. I emailed a philosophy teacher and got the prerequisite for an ethics course waived because of my unusually large high school philosophy background. YAY! Also, I emailed the instructor for honors chemistry labs to figure out if there is an advantage to doing the lab on a specific weekday. There isn't. So I'll probably sign up for the Tuesday lab, since most of my classes are on a MWTh schedule.

I'm currently reading the book 300 A+ Students, which contains compiled tips on how to conduct your academic life in order to receive an A+. Some students recommend talking to the professor about if it is possible to earn an A+, how to earn it, etc. I emailed the chemistry professor with a bunch of questions to get more information. I will probably do the same for all my other teachers.

So, this upcoming semester I will take a philosophy course, chemistry, a university writing seminar, and a language. I'm still trying to decide between Hebrew and Chinese...

Hope your summer is going well!