Thursday, November 8, 2012

Bob Dylan at Brandeis?!

This evening there was a town hall forum regarding the possibility of Bob Dylan coming to Brandeis University for an extended Springfest. Springfest is an annual music event held in the spring featuring several bands. The bands in attendance this past Springfest were Childish Gambino, Fun, Phantogram, and Nite Jewel.

This year is the 50th anniversary of a Bob Dylan's performance at Brandeis University, of which a recording was created and now available for purchase. Several students proposed to bring Dylan to campus for a day of Folkfest before Springfest. To cover the costs, 4200 extra tickets will be sold to the public while Brandeis Students can attend for free. You can read more details in The Justice article.

This past Monday, I asked students for their opinions on the possibility of Bob Dylan coming for Springfest. I was surprised at how many students didn't know who Bob Dylan was, let alone were aware of the name but unfamiliar with his music. To some students, this is enough to deter their support for the event. However, I think this is all the more reason to go forward with the event.

Bob Dylan performing Brandeis is an incredible opportunity for students and possibly the Waltham community to learn about Bob Dylan and the folk music era. Public talks by faculty leading up to the event can educate students so the concert is more memorable. There are so many topics to touch on - Bob Dylan's life, music style and industry, let alone the huge historical context of his music and lyrical political commentary. Brandeis University is big on social justice and Dylan is a perfect example of a political activist expressing himself through music.

So, Brandeis students and administrators -- please allow Bob Dylan to perform at Brandeis!