Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Back in Boston! + Freshman Flashback: Move In Day

Sleepy Olive and snoozy Shmoo 
Hi! Yesterday I arrived back in Boston after a trip home. I woke up at 5 AM to catch a 7:20 AM flight. The airplane ride was pretty smooth and we actually landed earlier. I read in Wired magazine that there are over 20 phases of dihydrogen monoxide (water/ice/gas/etc)! This was confirmed by my chemistry friends - at first I didn't believe there were that many and thought it was bad journalism. (Sorry, Wired - you were right all along!)

A good friend let me stay in her room in the apartment we shared together over the summer because the school year renter already moved into my room. 

Another friend and I crashed a freshman orientation "slumber party" (really just a dance party on the great lawn). We had an amazing time completely not caring what people thought of us. Orientation is way more fun the second time around! We ran around and danced to the music, tried to get people to dance, and chatted with them, pretending we were also freshmen. 

Last night's party brought me back to my days as a freshman. It really is no wonder no one wants to dance. There is so much pressure to meet people, make conversation, and appear cool that completely takes away any inhibition required to go crazy on the dance floor. Honestly, orientations would benefit from bar/bat mitzvah DJs who know how to make even the shyest of 13 year olds dance like madmen. (Prizes for jumping to the music, anyone?) Well, it worked for me...

Anyway, here are some photos from the very beginning of freshman year.

Me and Mom at the Mall of America right before we left for Boston

Me and Dad at Mall of America - note the nifty lego artwork. 

On the balcony of the science building. I was paranoid about arriving late to class and getting lost, so we walked to all my classrooms before move-in day.

Move-in day: Me at my desk!

In front of my bed on move-in day. It was so hot and humid!


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