Sunday, July 22, 2012

Gold Coast Day 5

Life today began with a family photo session. 

We sat around for a while, waiting for the various family memebers to show up.

Wai-po made a phone call.

Eventually, we were all waiting for Uncle Mike to arrive. He had just flown in from Hawaii last night, so we all guessed he was still sleeping. We called his voice mail (the answering machine includes a 50 second chant curtesy of Mike) and left him a very long message with lots of chanting, yelling, and giggling.

The boys.

The photographer

At last Uncle Mike arrived, with a beautiful lei from Hawaii for Wai-po.

The photographer began taking group photos. She had an... interesting method. She would yell out phrases for us to say that ended in "ee"or "ai" sounding syllables. According to her, it made us look more natural and relaxed. However, it became a little grating after the 77th time of yelling "Happy Family!"

Grandma, her children, and their spouses.

Preparing for enormous group photo...
At last the photo session ended, and we dispersed to our various homes for lunch.

Later, we reconvened at Wai-po's assisted living home for the talent show. This is a family tradition every time we get together, but this year we turned it into a community service event by performing for the residents in the home.

Waiting for residents to arrive

Wai-po told us that only a couple people (her friends) would show up, but by the time we began there was quite a crowd.

Adjusting instruments

Wai-po, the social lady
Wai-po arrived, wearing her lei and greeting her friends.

Before the grandkids began, a resident played a trumpet solo.

A few cousins and I performed "Piano Man" on piano, harmonica, and voice. 

Playing piano

Wai-po listening (resident behind her sleeping haha)

Cousin performing kung fu routine and scared the residents when he slapped the ground really hard.
Toward the end Uncle Mike performed sound healing using Tibetan bowls. I recommend closing your eyes and listening - the sounds are incredible! The residents really enjoyed his performance - although some of them complained because it didn't work so well with their hearing aids.

After the talent show we ate at Sweet Tomatoes, then my aunt, mother, and I went shopping at Old Navy. All-in-all a good day!


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