Monday, July 9, 2012

Gold Coast Day 2

This morning I woke up at 7 AM and my brain's master switched flicked to ON, so I had to get out of bed. I spent some time editing videos, then the family went on a hike near our neighbrohood.

Cousin in the car to drive to the hike
 Mountain lion sightings meant that we had to stick together...
Beginning the hike

Cousin and her beautiful, curled hair

The scenery was absolutely gorgeous!

Mysterious skeleton...
 We came across a mystery skeleton and spent a good 10 minutes trying to figure out what animal it was.

Dad examining the skeleton, trying to identify it

We thought it might be a deer... probably killed by a mountain lion
 My younger cousins have an obsession with "mini spinies," which is when they pull their shirts over their knees and hop about in miniature form.

Boys ready to catch lizards with their grass nooses

"Aging Area"

Whip my hair

Watching my brother climb trees


Apple tree, I tried an apple but it was super sour!

Too big for the playground

Diligently trying to capture a lizard

The guys

Cousin with a fierce attitude 

The girls -- somehow I got the tall genes...

Finally they caught a lizard!

Poor thing lept onto aunt's head (I love the expressions in the background)

Then it lept onto brother's shoulder.

Piggy-back central on the return walk
The hike was a total of about five miles,  not too bad but very hilly. By the end we were all very hungry. 

We decided to go to the weekly farmer's market to buy produce.
On our way to the farmer's market!

Any decent farmer's market has to have kettle corn, and this one did! It was delicious -- not too sweet but perfectly seasoned.
YAY kettle corn!

Chinese food

All of the fruits were incredibly delicious.

After returning home we ate lunch. I dug into various fruits that I bought yesterday at the produce store. The mangoes were out of this world - soft, juicy, buttery, sweet... 
Uncle showing me a nifty mango-cutting method

Here's the result... pretty cool! Makes it easier to eat.
Fresh figs
 After lunch, we brainstormed ideas for a quirky short movie. The style is similar to ASDF -- random, surreal, full of non-sequiturs. I'll show you once we're finished. At any rate, these glasses were involved:

Portrait of a Nerd 1

Portrait of a Nerd 2
Mustaches also played a role in one of the sketches.

I was exhausted, so I collapsed onto a futon and fell asleep. When I woke up, I edited more videos and photos. Then it was time for dinner!

Wai-po came over from the assisted living home.

A couple of relatives-by-marriage joined us for dinner. They're both awesome guys. The one in the checkered shirt told me about couch surfing, which is a expense-free way of finding accomodations and tour guides to cities. He has traveled all over the world - India, Iraq, South Africa... 

Uncle singing and playing guitar

Catching up

Brother playing the piano and singing
The evening went by really quickly. I was so tired I went back early to shower and wrote this post! 


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