Sunday, July 15, 2012

Gold Coast Day 3

Guess what we did today, folks? TIE DYE!

One of my uncles and his wife bought a tie dye kit and a bunch of t-shirts. The weather was perfect - not too hot. 

Most of the kids dove straight in - twisting their shirts in various ways (or not at all). I tried to make a star design on my t-shirt by folding it in a circular patter and clamping two sets of sticks on the folded shirt. Not sure if it will work out... 

After we finished tie dyeing most of the shirts, we discovered cherries growing in our aunt's backyard. A bunch of the younger kids commenced picking them and rinsing them off with a hose. My aunt insisted that they were cherries, but we think they were probably plums. They were crunchy, sweet, and tangy. Delicious! A few of us held a pit-spitting contest, then we lounged on the grass.

Most of my aunts and I
After returning home, some of my younger girl cousins and I took some silly photos and had an impromptu dance party with our aunt. 

Tonight we had extra guests over for dinner - family friends that we have known for many many years. 

The Matriarchs

Wai-po with a cousin

Mother, guest, and aunt
The visiting family brought the most delicious cha shao bao (叉烧包), which are pork buns. They were pretty amazing.

Other foods included quinoa and a corn & bean salad.

During the afternoon, the cousins prepared most of dinner. I helped out with the kabobs and a little with the tiramisu. One of my cousins tricked another into thinking that he makes an amazing bacon-cake, so he cooked a piece of bacon and was trying to cool it off in time to add to a slice of tiramisu...

Let the trickery commence!

A bunch of the younger kids played hide-and-seek. My cousin above hid by wearing my glasses... it worked pretty well! :P


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