Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Summer of Anticipation

Being in limbo between high school and college must be a strange feeling. You're almost independent, but you're still at home. Lately I have been thinking about what I will do with the last few months before I leave home.

First of all, my situation is a little different. Because I go to an online high school (OHS), I don't have many local friends. OHS holds summer sessions, but as a graduate I will not be attending. Nor will I be traveling or going to any camps. So, I essentially have a long stretch of time to kill before college starts.

Now I am very good at killing time. But I don't want to senselessly kill time, I want it to have some meaning.

Here are some things I plan to do during the summer:

  • About a month ago, I applied for a job at a local bookstore. I didn't get the job (they don't hire high schoolers), but I will probably work for Kumon, a math/reading center.
Shoe Company
  • If this ends up working out, I'll post more about it later. I decorate canvas shoes for fun and want to turn it into profit!
Social Media
  • Obviously! I will keep updating as much as possible.
Science Articles & Videos
  • I'm helping out a couple friends who have a science-for-kids/educators website. I'll be writing articles and potentially making videos of do-it-at-home science projects.
Getting Ready...
  • Getting rid of old toys, writing packing lists, buying supplies, etc.
Seeing Friends
  • Hopefully, I can connect with local friends at least a couple times before I leave.

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