Monday, April 4, 2011

Kodak Playsport for cheaps?!

A few days ago I ordered a Kodak Playsport pocket video camera from Ebay. Recently I fell in love with Ebay after making quite a profit on an old American Girl Doll. (more about what to do with childhood toys later!) I have wanted my own video camera for at least a year now. I will confess, I am a huge fan of the Shaytards and was inspired by them to do my own vlogging. Because I plan on doing "real life" videos (versus me just talking to the camera about various subjects), I figured a portable camera would come in handy. Initially I wanted a Flipcam, since that's what the Shaytards use, but my brother recommended I look into other cameras.

I like the Kodak Playsport better mainly because it is waterproof and has an SD card slot, which means I can increase the amount of footage. I bought it on Ebay for about $118, it's normally 150 or 160. Besides, I didn't have to pay shipping. The seller (Beach Camera) looked pretty reliable and it should come sometime this week.

The only disadvantage is that it might not be able to stand up on its own like the Flipcam... Overall it's not as convenient, but I think the customization and waterproofing will make it worthwhile.

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