Thursday, April 14, 2011

Brandeis Admitted Students Day!!

Wow, I had such a great time! Here are more details that I didn't talk about in the video.

I made a list of specific questions before I went to the event. Here are the questions and the what I found out.
  • How easy is it to travel to Boston? Is the BranVan reliable? 
    • It's pretty easy to travel to Boston. There are other shuttles available because the BranVan, being student run, is often unreliable. Also, there are so many methods of public transportation (trains, buses) that it's usually never an issue. There is a train stop literally next-door to the campus that is easy to walk to. 
  • Is there a pharmacy near-by?
    • There is a Walgreens located in walking distance.
  • Do the dorms smell like drugs? Are drugs an issue?
    • No. Drugs are there if you want them, mostly unnoticeable if you don't.
  • As a non-Orthodox Jew, will I feel socially isolated or pressured?
    • No, Judaism is there if you want it and there is no pressure to be any certain way, whether religious, sexual, etc.
  • Will the cafeteria be able to accommodate my food allergies?
    • Yes, they do not use nuts or sunflower.
Overall, I love Brandeis. It's at the top of my list right now. Soon I will visit University of Wisconsin, but it will have to really impress me to change my mind...


  1. Huh, I was searching for some ASD stuff and this came up right under the official stuff. I went to add you as a friend on mydeis and we already were :) you should think about putting this up on mydeis, I bet some of the kids coming from foreign countries who couldn't make it to ASD or haven't seen the campus yet would be excited to see a vid of the event from the perspective a fellow prefrosh ^_^

  2. Thanks for the suggestion! :)