Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Day in My Life - 2

First Chinese test went well! I finished early. After the test I went to the science building to study for neuroscience exam with a couple friends from class. Then I went to my chemistry professor's office hours. I try to go once a week. After his office hours, I went to my neuroscience professor's office hours with Al, Ann, and the two friends I was studying with. We peppered him with questions. His practice exams had a lot of typos and some of the questions were tricky. Then Al and I did some last minute review for the exam. Al is going to China next semester.

A half hour before the test I convinced Al to take a break. I was very tired, I nearly fell down the stairs! Despite this the neuroscience exam went extremely well. I think I got a good grade.

My day ended well - I watched Seven Samurai for film class. The film was fantastic. Then I talked with my grandmother.

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