Wednesday, September 26, 2012

College Travels: Pastiche Fine Desserts and Cafe


There are many reasons to visit Providence, Rhode Island - museums, top-notch universities, and Waterfire, to name a few.

I am about to convince you that there is no better reason than Pastiche Fine Desserts and Cafe.

The mere memory of Pastiche's dopamine-inducing, rich and succulent cakes makes me swoon and drool all over my laptop. 

Pastiche is open every day of the week from morning til night. Its small European-cafe style creates a cozy atmosphere. My family took my friend and I on a Sunday night and it was packed. Although there were seven of us, we were seated in two booths within 20 minutes. The cakes arrived five minutes later. Cloud nine after the first bite!

After much deliberation, I chose a slice of the Chocolate Mousse Cake. It was simply divine. The texture was soft and light and the chocolate melted in my mouth. Needless to say, I finished it all.

Chocolate Mousse Cake

My friend chose the All American Chocolate Layer Cake. I tasted a bite and it was quite good. The star  was an adorable touch.

All American Chocolate Layer Cake

My aunt chose the Rasberry Almond Financier. I couldn't try it due to food allergies, but she raved  about it and the delicious sauce.

Rasberry Almond Financier

I hope these pictures convinced you to pay a visit!

Watch the following video of my Rhode Island trip! Clips of Pastiche's interior are included toward the end.


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